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Update! Finally

Hello Let me apologize for being an awful slacker, when it comes to my blog anyway.  A lot of things have been happening for us. Since my last post, when the girls and I were in the US (back in June) things have gone crazy. First of all we no longer live in Malaysia, we Read More

A Quick Hello

Hi everybody, just a quick life update.  The girls and I are currently in the US, we arrived a week or so ago just in time to see my sister’s High School Graduation.  This past weekend we had her open house and my niece’s graduation/open house.  I am in awe of how mature, smart and Read More

Whole 30 Day16-30

I have been struggling this Whole30.  I am doing the best I can and for the most part I am following this meal plan.  My downfall is noncompliant snacks.  I hope you all have been going strong!!  Regardless of my snack choices eating this way really does make me feel good.  I also feel like Read More

Kid Approved!!!! Chicken Veggie Meatballs

Hi all just a quick recipe post here.  Last night for dinner we had Chicken Veggie Meatballs, they are a family favorite.  Mya always asks for seconds of these, which seriously never ever ever happens with her.  She ate 15 for lunch today. They can be made ahead and frozen.  Its a sneaky way to Read More

Reevaluating My Goals

First things First: We are expecting our third child in November. This is a pleasant surprise for us and everyone is very excited, especially Mya who can not wait to be a big sister again. Let me start with a Whole30 update:  I made it 7 days before a gave into temptation at a kids Read More

Whole30–The first 15 days

Let me start by saying if  you don’t know what the Whole30 is I highly recommend the book It Starts with Food by Dallas & Melissa Hartwig. The website is also extremely helpful.  Basically it’s a way to promote health, weight loss, and reset your body by eating a lot of good foods and Read More

Wow What a Slacker!!!

I swear friends I am not avoiding you.  It has been very crazy lately.  I want to do another Whole30 starting on Monday. Although I tried very hard to be mindful of what I ate its hard on vacation and I feel kind of icky these days. I was actually quite sick the last couple Read More

I’m Back

Howdy everyone! I wanted to drop in quickly and say hello.  I have not abandoned you guys, we were on vacation in the US and life has been busy.  We have been home for a week now but jetlag is a bitch!!! We are slowly adjusting to our normal schedules.  By some miracle Madelyn slept Read More

PMT Style Challenge-Wear Red and New Hair Styles

I am combining 2 weeks again because as much as I like to think I am organized I am usually just chasing my tail.  Weeks 4 is try a new hairstyle, which is a big deal for me, I always have my very long hair in a ponytail. If I am feeling saucy I will Read More

How to Meal Prep

My first Whole 30 was a lot of work, we were scared to eat out (we also had the bright idea of doing a spending freeze the same month) so I cooked all 90 meals we ate that month. I love cooking but by the end of the month I was really burnt out on Read More

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