14 Day Clean Eating Challenge-Week 2

7 days down and 7 more to go!! I  am feeling good so far and happy that I am going into vacation on a clean note.  I didn’t include snacks this time because it would be more of the same.  I think you get the idea, if not just copy lasts weeks. Menu: Day 8: Read More

PMT Style Challenge-Week 3

Week 3 of the Putting Me Together Style Challenge (Only a week late oops). This weeks challenge is to copy an outfit you’ve pinned to Pintrest. I used this as on opportunity to stock up on some cold weather clothes for our upcoming trip to the US.  I keep shrinking out of my clothes, which Read More

14 Day Clean Eating Challenge-Week 1

Whenever people find out that I am doing a Whole30 and what it entails the very next question is what do you eat? My answer is ALOT!  A lot of Whole/Clean/Unprocessed (whatever you want to call them) food. A true Whole30 is as you guessed 30 days long and it is a dietary reset.  The Read More

Whats for Dinner-Post Whole30

Remember when I said I wanted to do a Whole90, yeah well I made it 27 days and then poor planning ended it.  I spent this last weekend in Thailand for a obstacle course 10k. I had every intention of staying on plan but if got tough when almost no one at my hotel could Read More

Scotch Eggs

My sister sent me a recipe for Whole30 Scotch Eggs and said they were very tasty. Oh man was she right!! The first time I followed the recipe she sent pretty closely and then the next few times I had to make them my own.  Traditionally Scotch Eggs are a boiled egg wrapped in meat Read More

PMT Style Challenge-Week 1&2

I know this is mainly a food blog but I am a women of many interests, so here is a Style Challenge post. One of the reasons I wanted to start a blog is because I follow a lot of other blogs and was inspired by them to try it out as well. About a Read More

Whole 30–Week 4

The Home Stretch!!! Only 10 more days until our Whole30 is complete. I still plan on going on to a Whole 90 but Ryan will be very happy to have a beer and some Pizza. He reminds me of his cravings for these things almost daily. He is also worried he is wasting away to Read More

Mexican Chicken Soup

Super Quick post today, I made this soup yesterday and it was amazing so I had to share. Because I wasn’t planning on making a post about this soup I only have the one picture, but I will make it again so I can update later. Let my preface this with I did not measure Read More

Breakfast: Sweet Potato Hash

    This has become one of our go to breakfast choices. It can be made ahead of time to save time in morning.  I like to make a huge batch on Sunday nights to eat through out the week, once its prepared just keep sealed in the fridge. In the morning you can microwave Read More

Whole30-Week 3

Still going strong!! Tomorrow will be Day 15-Half way through for us!!  I am feeling really good and did not give in to my wine cravings even with a few VERY STRESSFUL days last week. Malaysia is a crazy place where efficiency and quickness are not priorities at all.  But that really has nothing to Read More

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