Whole30- Week 2 Meal Plan

So we made it through the first 6 days, I was very sick, so surprise, the meal plan didn’t go as planned.  Ryan cooked a couple days and went off plan but stayed Whole30 compliant.  But I am back to 100% healthwise so YAY!!!!!  Even with my sickness we managed to eat very well, see Read More

Bring on 2015

This post has been in progress for a few days and in those few days I realized something: Wishing my 2015 was better than 2014 would be utterly selfish.  2014 was an amazing year for my family and for me.  We traveled to so many places (Mya and I  filled our passports this year), met Read More

Steak Rolls

Ryan and I did our first Whole30 in September and we kept up our clean eating until Thanksgiving.  Thats right we have the same excuse as a million other people, we fell off the wagon around the holidays, we were eating out a lot more, traveled a few places, and weren’t as rigid dietwise.  I Read More

Whats for Dinner–Whole30 Round 2

Today starts our second round of the Whole30.  I am really hoping for this to be a Whole90 for me but Ryan has already said he is not in it for the long haul. I found the only way for this to be successful is to have a detailed plan.  So here this weeks plan. Read More

Standard Charter Marathon-Singapore

I had every intention of signing up for the Kuala Lumpur Standard Charter 1/2 Marathon this year but by the time I got around to it it was full.  Races in Asia fill up sooooo fast! I wanted to get another half in before the end of the year so I started looking around,  KL Read More

Whats For Dinner-Week Of Dec 15

So we are back from Thailand. It was an awesome vacation, we got lots of sun, drank alot of beer and ate way too much food. We also won the sand castle building contest!!!   We have been eating out a lot lately so this week I am cooking everything. Mon: Stir-Fry Tue: California Style Read More

Cauliflower Rice

Cauliflower Rice is an easy to make replacement for white and brown rice.  I decided to make a video tutorial showinf how to make this yummy side dish. This is my first attempt at using iMovie, so it pretty simple but to the point.  I want to thank my husband for helping my with all Read More

Whats for Dinner-Week of Dec 7th

Life got to me again so tonight I will make something I meant to make last week. This weekend Hubby and I were out of town running a race.  We got back Sunday evening and although our sitter had thrown a roast in I had no motivation to cook anything to go with it.  We, Read More

Italian Chicken with Zoodles

I have to admit something: I LOVE ZOODLES! Using zucchini as a replacement for spaghetti noodles is the best thing that has ever happened ever.  During my first Whole30 I played around with this recipe (Originally from it all Starts With Food) and it quickly became a family favorite, we have it 3-4 times a Read More

Meal Planning–Turkey Leftovers Edition

Wholly Turkey leftovers, I made 2 turkeys for a dinner we hosted and we didn’t even carve the second one.  So guess what we are eating this week.  We have been munching on it all weekend and I will freeze a lot for future use. I felt like Bubba from Forest Gump when making my Read More

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