Meal Plan week of Nov 23

Life got to me last week and I didn’t execute all of the meals I had planned. For starters my youngest daughter got a very bad cut on two of her fingers.  She was diagnosed with a partial finger tip amputation and had to undergo surgery and spend a night in the hospital. She is Read More

Whats for Dinner

So I am a crazy meal planner, on Sunday nights I write down everything we will eat including snacks for the week. It is the only way I can really assure that I am eating good foods. When I don’t have a plan I tend to grab whatever is quickest and easiest. There are 2 Read More

Not Another Blog

Why start a blog? Everyone has one these days right? So why am I going to start one too? There are 2 reasons I am jumping into the blogging world. 1.  Mommy brain.  I have been a stay at home mom for 3 years now. I have 2 awesome little girls and I love spending Read More

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