PMT Style Challenge-Week 1&2

I know this is mainly a food blog but I am a women of many interests, so here is a Style Challenge post. One of the reasons I wanted to start a blog is because I follow a lot of other blogs and was inspired by them to try it out as well. About a year ago when I was in real desperate need of a new wardrobe, mostly because what I had did not fit anymore. I was still trying to wear my size 16 pants with a belt when I was really more like a size 12.  The problem was I had no idea how to dress like a grown up. I am very comfortable in jeans and a hoodie, shorts and a concert T-shirt or the dread mom uniform: yoga pants and a t-shirt. That was my signature look, but not one I wanted to keep.  I start looking around Pintrest and found a Blog called Putting Me Together.  The Blogger, Audrey, puts together awesome outfits that anyone can really follow (or copy in my case) and she shops at places we can all shop like Target!  This year she is doing a Style Challenge each week and I have decided to participate. The challenges are simple each week and its a fun way to hone your personal style.

I missed week one so I combined it with week 2.

Week 1: Wear a dress

Week 2: Wear a bright color

photo (7)

The Sweater is one  I bought about a year and 30 pounds ago so it is a little too big but I do love it for adding color to an outfit. Without even realizing it Miss Madelyn is also participating in the challenge.

Check Out Audrey’s awesome blog (click the box below) and play along if you would like.

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