Standard Charter Marathon-Singapore

I had every intention of signing up for the Kuala Lumpur Standard Charter 1/2 Marathon this year but by the time I got around to it it was full.  Races in Asia fill up sooooo fast! I wanted to get another half in before the end of the year so I started looking around,  KL is a hub for several low cost airlines that fly all over SE Asia, so there were alot of options. I had my heart set on the Angkor Wat Marathon in Cambodia, I have never been to Cambodia and it is high on the travel priority list so it seemed perfect.  We have a friend that was living in Laos and he was also interested in running a 1/2 but wanted to do it somewhere more “developed”.  (I guess living in Laos he starts to miss malls and western food) So we agreed to meet up and do the Singapore one instead, same weekend just different location.  Well what does he do once I sign up, move out of Asia!!!  Its ok Ryan (10K) and I were already signed up and were going to take advantage of a kid free night in a lovely city.  Singapore is an hour flight from KL, it makes getting there and back very easy and cheap.  We got flights and hotel for both of us for less than $300.

Marina Bay Sands



RouteThe Race was tough! 12,000 people were registered for the half (21KM) and they were flagging off in 3 waves starting at 630am.  I am glad I was in the first wave because once the sun came up fully (8am) it was roasting. Running on the equator is no joke, 90 degrees and 80% humidity will slow even the best runners down, so amatures like me had a real struggle ahead. The first part of the race was very hilly and  congested. The race path was very narrow, 3-4 runners wide a points, but it was through Sentosa Island and Universal studios. There were lots of characters out cheering us on. Some people even stopped to take pictures with them, I just wanted to keep moving. I was doing awesome until about mile 8 when nausea hit really hard, I had to walk and take deep breaths to keep from throwing up. I walked until I felt better and then ran as long as I could until another wave would hit. Finally around 10 miles and after some isotonic beverages the feeling seemed to subside. Just in time for the hottest part of the race. 2.5 miles on a completely exposed highway with no water stations! Several people were down and being attended to by medical personnel. The worst was seeing a lady completely unconscious underneath the 20Km sign, she had less than a mile to go and was being carted off by medical personnel.

I decided at the start of the Race that 10 miles is when I was going to pick up the pace.  That did not happen! I just kept my head down and kept moving forward my lap times did decrease from the first half but not how I had planned.  The last 1/2 mile was through the city and finally in some shade. I saw the last 500m sign and my hubby at almost the same time. Seeing his smiling face cheering me on was such a relief. The crowd support at this race was much different than my first race, as in hardly any crowd support at all. At my first race the streets were lined along the entire route.  Unlike my last race the last mile was not the hardest! I think knowing Ryan was waiting for me at the end made it easier to get there.




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