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Hello Let me apologize for being an awful slacker, when it comes to my blog anyway.  A lot of things have been happening for us. Since my last post, when the girls and I were in the US (back in June) things have gone crazy. First of all we no longer live in Malaysia, we moved to New Zealand on Aug 1st.  I can think of no time better to move than 7 months pregnant.  We found out Mid June we were moving so we sold all of our stuff that had been in storage in the US. Flew back to Malaysia July 3rd and sold most of our stuff there, tied up a bunch of loose ends, packed our 10 suitcases and head out for Kiwi land. We had two weeks to find a place to live, buy a bunch of furniture, and start preparing for baby #3.

We ended up finding an awesome house, a 10 year old ranch house on 5 acres and it came with Chickens!! Adjusting to the weather here has been tough, we lived in the jungle for 3 years so having to deal with winter rain and wind has not been pleasant. But the sun is shining today and the weekend is suppose to be great. Mya started school and Madelyn should be starting pre-school soon. I am 35 weeks along with BW3 (Baby Woodfall 3) and he is growing well.

The move really threw off my eating habits. Living in a hotel for 2 weeks and then trying to get settled meant a lot of fast food, bread, and general indulgence. I was feeling pretty awful, bloated, face broken out, exhausted, grumpy, and general ickiness.   So Sept 1 I started another Whole30. Some people have expressed concern with me “dieting” while pregnant. Well I assure you I am not “dieting”, and if you truly understand how Whole30 works you know that this is not a diet at all. I truly believe that I am eating the healthiest way possible: a well balanced diet that does not restrict calories and includes all the vital macro nutrients and food groups.  Also I am feeling so much better.  My energy has returned (as much as it can this far along), I am sleeping as well as I can while waking up 3-4 times a night to pee, my face is looking much better, and I am way less bloated.  The only problem I am encountering is that I am always hungry!! I think thats mostly because I am 35 weeks but also because I cant eat enough in one sitting to stay full there just isn’t enough room anymore. So I have been having more mini meals/snacks and trying to increase my fat and starch intake at every meal.

I am going to get back to regular blogging and weekly meal plans for everyone, I promise.  I have been keeping my instagram updated with our food and adventures check it out: @ladywoody

Have a happy healthy day!


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