Whats for Dinner-Week of Dec 7th

Life got to me again so tonight I will make something I meant to make last week. This weekend Hubby and I were out of town running a race.  We got back Sunday evening and although our sitter had thrown a roast in I had no motivation to cook anything to go with it.  We, as a whole family, are also going out of town this weekend as well, Company Christmas Party in Thailand!!!! I am so excited. So the Meal Plan will be small this week.

Sunday: Mickey’s Orginally New York Pizza–> The best pizza in KL!!!!! Not Whole3o or anywhere near clean eating but ooooooohhhhh so good, and after running 13.1 miles it was totally worth it.

Monday: BBQ Pulled Beef, roasted sweet potatoes and stuffed zucchini.

Tuesday: Chicken Fajitas w/ lettuce wraps

Wednesday: Tarragon Chicken w/ Roasted Broccoli

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday & Sat: THAI FOOD!!!!!!!

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