Whats for Dinner–Whole30 Round 2

Today starts our second round of the Whole30.  I am really hoping for this to be a Whole90 for me but Ryan has already said he is not in it for the long haul. I found the only way for this to be successful is to have a detailed plan.  So here this weeks plan.  Yes Salad is for lunch everyday but I promise you they are not boring (I will make a post about these salads later this week). My husband is a salad artist and we always have huge epic salads. They are the easiest thing for us to prep ahead of time and for my husband to bring to work.  I also realize that smoothies are frown upon for meals but they are quick post workout snack for me. The ones I make have no protein powder and lots of vegetables (mainly spinach) and fruit in them.


Scrambled Eggs w/Pico De Gallo and Avocado

Chicken Salad

Spicy Salmon w/Avocado Salsa and Roasted Broccoli

Snacks: Apple w/Nut Butter, Carrot Sticks and Olives


Sweet Potato Hash topped with Eggs

Chicken Salad

Steak Rolls and Baked Sweet Potato

Snacks: Banana, Berry smoothie, Cashews


Sweet Potato Hash with Eggs

Leftovers  and Salad

Creamy Tarragon Chicken w/Asparagus

Snacks: Apple w/Nut butter,  Carrots and Turkey slices


Vegetable Egg Scramble


Crockpot Sausage and Veg

Snacks: Olives, Banana Berry Smoothie


Sweet Potato Hash


Asian Meatballs–Courtesy of NomNomPaleo

Snacks: Banana w/nut butter,  Carrots and turkey slices

Lots of recipes and videos to come!!

Week 2,     week 3,    Week 4




  • Cindy

    i thought on whole 30 we are not allowed snacks. I’m just learning about this program and getting ready to start so I’m curious about this.

    • dwoodfall@gmail.com

      Cindy, Thank You so much for taking the time to visit my blog. Let me start off by saying I am no expert on the Whole30, I have one under my belt and am on day 5 of my second. This is what I can tell you. Ideally you would not snack on the Whole30, however we (my husband and I) have a couple special circumstances. 1. I am very active; I workout at least 5x a week for at least 60 mins, some days more. So on days where I run or lift I have to eat something after my workouts. 2. My husband has the metabolism of a 16 year old boy (lucky bastard) and in order for him to not disappear before my eyes he has to eat more. He can’t eat bigger meals, he has tried, he just cant do it. So we snack on good, whole, clean foods.

      This past week I have been sick and not made it to the gym so I have actually tried not to snack and to just eat bigger meals, I was STARVING by dinner time tonight!! In the beginning of your Whole30 you are going to have to experiment a little to see how big of meal you will actually need to carry you over to the next meal. And if it comes down to 3pm and you are gonna pass out from hunger please be all means have a snack!

      Good luck on your Whole30 and if you haven’t already read the book, its the single best resource. I will keep my meal plans coming as well.

      Again thank you for your question I am here to answer any other ones you may have.

    • Danielle

      Maybe this will be helpful as well.


      After re-reading this guidelines I will be making adjustments to my post workout “snack”. I read the book in Aug (so I am foggy on specifics) and intend on reading it again so I can do the program as it was intended to be done by the people that created it.

  • carole

    do you have the recipe for spicy salmon? is it something I can find on Pinterest? I am starting my second Whole 30 today actually… and because I am a tad lazy, I am just going to follow your menu. thanks for the help and keep up the good work.

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